Elisa and Marcela

Marriage without Man

Guided tour in which we will follow the fortunes and misfortunes of Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, historical protagonists of the first Marriage without a Man.

During the tour we will get to know the corners of the city that witnessed their experiences, revealing the details of a singular plot through which they managed to deceive everyone and get married in church.

A story of courage, tenacity, intrigue… media harassment and, above all a lot of love. All this intermingled with a story about the Coruña of that time, which at the turn of the century would become one of the most avant-garde cities of its time, also linked to the beginnings of the film industry in Spain.

What these two women experienced could have happened anywhere in the world, but it happened here, in Coruña. It is therefore a universal story, which has become an international reference thanks to the world premiere of the film “Elisa & Marcela”, directed by the famous filmmaker Isabel Coixet.

We will end the visit with a glass of Sherry in one of the most exclusive establishments in the city, raising our glasses in their honour, just as they did on their wedding night.

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