Modernist Echos

The Genuine Modern Style Route of the City

This route will take us back to a time when the city of A Coruña began to expand outside its walls. In this context, a wealthy commercial bourgeoisie emerged which, competing with the aristocracy of that time, financed the construction of sumptuous buildings, theatrical façades that would be the showcase of the social power of these families.

Renowned architects followed the European influences of that time, according to which a fresh and innovative art emerged, represented by young artists who, tired of the classic historicist style of imitation, broke with everything established thus giving rise to what in Spain we call Modernism, Art Nouveau in France and Belgium, Sezession in Vienna or Liberty in Italy.

Floral decor that integrates nature with architecture, female caryatids that transport us to a dreamlike world of fantasy, and the use of new materials such as reinforced concrete or wrought iron, fusing them with traditional elements such as glass or wood thus achieving new creations through which the citizen is taught what “modernity” really is.

In the course of the visit we will include an aperitif in an emblematic establishment of the city.


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